Johan Engblom - Malmo University


What's a Manta Ray, Johan asks, with one plastered over the front of his shirt


Pat Spicer - University of New South Wales


Actually Pat doesn't look so corporate these days


Co-supervisor of Kristian Tangso's PhD

Bim Graham - Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Bim thinks he's a synthetic chemist when he's really a delivery scientist

Rob Medcalf - Monash University

He works in neuro-active drugs – he’s the brains of the operation

Clive Prestidge - Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia


Clive was specifically asked to wear one of his quietest shirts to DDA, so he did

Thomas Rades - University of Copenhagen



The Lumskebuksen featured prominently in this poster


Co-supervisor of Jamal Khan's PhD

Nigel Kirby, Adrian Hawley and Stephen Mudie 
SAXS/WAXS Beamline - Australian Synchrotron


Seriously these guys are bloody good; we owe them big time