Graham Webster

Graham Webster completed a MChem Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews and a DPhil at the University of Oxford working on Organic Light Emitting Diodes, in association with Sharp. Post-Doctoral research at both, the University of Pennsylvania, studying self-assembling organic wires, and the University of Oxford, looking at organic photovoltaic cells, in association with Toppan Printing Company, followed with the decision to move towards industrial research. Graham then spent nine years of research at Victrex, a high temperature thermoplastics manufacturer and Invibio, a medical device company, both based in Blackpool, UK. Emigration to Australia took place in 2014 (including 6 months travelling) before starting work for Ben, studying implant methods for the potential slow release of penicillin to treat Rheumatic Fever. Graham is currently working on development of adjvuvant technology with Vicchem, Melbourne.

In his spare time, Graham cycles, travels and enjoys what Melbourne has to offer.