Group members

Senior group members

Professor Ben J. Boyd

Dr. Charlie Dong

Dr. Stefan Salentinig

Dr. Jason Liu

Dr. Graham Webster

Dr. Oliver Montagnat

Honours and visiting students 2015

Kellie May

Jason de la Harpe

Estefania Chung

Mariana Midory Abe
Paulo Henrique

Current PhD students located at MIPS

Stephanie Phan

Kristian Tangso

Jamal Khan

Nick Alcaraz

Joanne Du

Tang Li

Linda Hong

Nicole Bisset

Anna Pham


Igor Chekhtman (with Richard Prankerd)

Shayna Jia (with Bim Graham)

Current PhD students located elsewhere

Jess Lyndon (with Nick Birbilis, Dept. Material Engineering, Monash)

Ahmed Al Shereiqi (with Kei Saito, Dept Chemistry, Monash)

Jess-Lynn Ooi (with Paul Young and Dany Traini (U. Sydney)

Dedeepya Uppalapati (with Darren Svirskis, Uni. Auckland)

Hanisah Azhari (with Shakila Rizwan, Uni. Otago)

Younus Mohammad (with Shakila Rizwan, Uni. Otago)


Past Group Members (click link for access to thesis)