Joanne Du

Joanne Du was born in Melbourne on August 1991. Like everyone, she steadily made her way through schooling. She completed the Bachelor and the Honours degree in Pharmaceutical Science in 2012 and 2013, respectively. The data accrued during her Honours’ year was recently published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics titled “A novel approach to enhance the mucoadhesion of lipid drug nanocarriers for improved drug delivery to the buccal mucosa”.

In 2014, Joanne started her PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Ben Boyd and Dr. Suzanne Caliph. Her current project aims to use phospholipid-based liquid crystalline systems for on-demand drug delivery to better treat conditions such as macular degeneration.

Besides her studies, she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Her hobbies include shopping, eating – and the occasional cooking sessions, spending hours to paint her nails knowing that they will chip by the end of a futsal game or boxing class during the week, reading manga, watching anime/dramas and finally, sleeping.