Khay Fong

Khay Fong was part of the last cohort of formulation science graduates in 2006. Her fascination with mixing things and the promise of a beer flickered an interest in self-assembled lipid based systems and an honours project with Ben. A successful honours year in 2007 resulted in the development of a temperature triggerable drug delivery system and a paper in JCR. After taking 2008 off to blow up stuff at Orica Mining Services, and volunteer and travel around India and South East Asia, Khay started ventured back into pharmaceutical research in 2009.

In early 2013 after 3 years, 11 months and 5 days, Khay submitted her PhD thesis. It was passed without corrections in May and she graduated in June, 2013. Her PhD project involved developing light activated liquid crystalline drug delivery systems by incorporating both photothermal and photochromic elements. This research utilised facilities at MIPS as well as at ANSTO and the Australian Synchrotron. In addition to research, Khay spent a semester in the school of Business and Economics learning how to commercialise research, two weeks at Synchrotron School at SPring-8, Japan and taught undergrads some physical chemistry.

During her candidature, Khay attended the following international conferences: AAPS 2010 and CRS 2011, both in the USA. These are some of the domestic conferences she attended: AINSE NCTA 2009, ACIS 2011, ACSSSC 2010 & 2012, DDA 2010 & 2012, SAS 2012.

Dr. Fong was recently awarded a Victorian Postdoctoral Research Fellowship which will take her to ETH, Zurich, Switzerland for two years and then back to MIPS for one year. The plan is to develop enzyme responsive nanostructured matrices for the treatment of cancer.

Outside of developing drug delivery systems, Khay loves to travel, is an avid snowboarder and is the playing coach of the Melbourne University Softball Club. She also hogs the mic at karaoke.