Kristian Tangso

Kristian J. Tangso completed her Bachelor and Honours degree of Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University. She is currently in her 2nd year of her PhD under Prof. Ben Boyd. Her research project involves understanding the relationship between liquid crystalline phases formed at ‘equilibrium’ and ‘non-equilibrium’ in oppositely charged surfactant and polymer systems and how these  nanostructures can be tuned to produce novel tailored release nanomaterials. During her candidature she has been given the opportunity to participate in several conferences, schools and research visits overseas, including trips to Japan, USA and Scandinavia. She has recently been a committee member of the AAPS Monash University Student Chapter and is currently serving her 3rd year in the Parkville Postgraduate Association. In her spare time, she enjoys group fitness boxing and yoga classes on campus, Zumba, singing, traveling, watching movies and on occasion seeks out adrenaline activities, such as bungee jumping and sky diving.