Linda Hong

Linda Hong completed her Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, majoring in formulation science, in 2013. Having developed an interest in research through gaining a summer research scholarship and volunteering in the Boyd lab in her final year of undergraduate, she decided to continue her studies with an Honours project the following year. The project focused on the understanding the enzymatic formation of liquid crystalline nanoparticles. It was an enjoyable experience, she said, which prompted her to invest the next three (and probably more, but no more than four) years towards a PhD which could possibly “make or break her” as she blindly fondles her way through the perils of “adulthood.” (help) Her PhD is a continuation of her honours project but with the addition of microfluidics approaches.

So far, Linda has attended the Bilateral Italian-Australian Scientific Workshop and School 2014, AINSE Winter School 2014, the 2014 Joint Australian-New Zealand Control Release Society (AusCRS/ NZCRS) Student Workshop, ACIS2015 and DDA2015. You might remember her as the one who was taking all those eye-selfies.

Aside from research, Linda’s hobbies include observing people’s expressions as she tells them a marvellous pun, cooking, watching sports, in particularly German football, NFL and tennis, and web/macro design. Her main goal in life is to pet all the dogs.