Oliver Montagnat

Oliver Montagnat is a trained Synthetic Organic Chemist possessing cross-disciplinary research skills in the areas of physicochemical, pharmacological and analytical science. 

He completed his Bachelors’ degree with Honours’ at LaTrobe University (2004) in organic synthetic chemistry. His Honours’ research focused on the total synthesis of the bioactive cyclic peptide, Aureobasidin I. He followed on to complete a PhD at LaTrobe University (2008) in the same field, developing methodology for the generation of peptidomimetic building blocks and employing the azide-acetylene “Click” reaction as a key coupling step. Over the next couple of years, Oliver devoted his time towards teaching responsibilities, acting as lecturer, laboratory coordinator and practical demonstrator across the undergraduate chemistry program at LaTrobe University.

Oliver then moved towards a professional research career, working as Research Officer for the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO), Monash University (2010). Here, he expanded his research interests into pharmacological and analytical science, with a focus on physicochemical property assessment, high throughput platform development and solubility/stability assessment of therapeutic drug leads utilising chromatographic based analytical methods. 

Since then, he has moved towards research able to accommodate his diverse experience. Starting in 2014, and working under the supervision of Prof. Ben Boyd, and collaborative partners The Telethon Kids Institute (one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes) and Medicines Development (a not-for-profit drug development company with over 60 years’ experience), Oliver is currently developing a cost effective, pain ameliorated paediatric formulation of the antibiotic penicillin G benzathine, as a secondary prophylactic for Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD).

In his spare time, Oliver enjoys reading, watching movies, playing in a mixed netball team and the occasional alcoholic beverage with his family and friends.


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