Paulo Henrique

Paulo Henrique Correa Dutra da Cunha is an exchange student from the State University of Londrina, Brazil, developing a short-period research project with Prof. Ben Boyd and one of his PhD students, Kristian Tangso. The project Paulo is working on involves the formation and understanding of liquid crystalline structures using oppositely charged polymer-surfactant systems. Specifically, utilising colistin combined to hyaluronic acid or other negatively charged polymers. Paulo has always been involved with research projects since the start of his graduation and has already been an intern of a reputable drug manufacturing company in Brazil, the largest producer of generic drugs in the country.

Paulo interests are formulation sciences, cosmetics, R&D and drug manufacturing, but also theatre, cinema and photography.

After returning to Brazil, Paulo intends to keep in contact with the group and possibly develop other research projects in the future. Paulo's intentions of returning to Australia and working as a pharmaceutical scientist here are high, due to the great experiences and opportunities he has had in the country.