Shayna Jia

Shiyang completed her Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Pharmaceutical Science in 2013 with one year of laboratory experience in medicinal chemistry, focussing mainly on generic drug syntheses. She then started a Master in Medicinal Chemistry, undertaking research on the development of novel drug delivery systems based on nanomaterials.

Shiyang was awarded a CSC-Monash University Scholarship and is now undertaking a PhD, supervised by Dr Bim Graham and Prof. Ben Boyd, designing “Novel Nanomaterials for Light-triggered Drug Delivery”. Her project involves a combination of organic synthesis, assembly of various types of nanomaterials, and studies of the drug loading and release properties of these materials, including biological testing. Throughout her PhD, Shiyang wants to develop skills not only in medicinal chemistry, but also pharmacology.

Shiyang is a sport fan, especially of badminton. She also enjoys travelling and cooking during her extra time - not only Chinese food, but all kinds of delicacies!