Stephanie Phan

Stephanie Phan completed her Bachelors degree in Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University. She had the opportunity to gain insight to the world of research in my Honours year when she investigated the phase behaviour  and biological stability of liquid crystalline drug delivery nanomaterials. One big lesson she learnt was that things don’t always work as you plan them to, but she enjoyed the challenge and quickly developed a passion for research. She even published my honours work and presented it at her first conference when she finished up. It was exciting to discover new things, and she came to appreciate the work, effort and significance of research, so she decided to continue on to do my PhD.  

Stephanie’s main interest is in materials in pharmaceutical research and soft self-assembled systems. She is studying the colloidal structures produced during the digestion process. Digestion is influenced by lipid composition and digestive conditions, and will affect drug absorption and solubility. Small angle X-ray scattering, cryo-TEM and HPLC, are very important tools in understanding structure, composition and kinetics of processes involving these materials in order to enhance drug delivery and performance.

She has had the chance to take tutorials, demonstrate lab classes, and served as Vice-President of the Parkville Postgraduate Society and the secretary of the Monash Student Chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Achievements include obtaining a place in the prestigious Cheiron School in Spring-8, Japan, being awarded the Best Student Presentation at AUS-CRS Conference, Hamilton Island and being selected to represent Monash University in Helsinki at GPEN 2014.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world, cooking from her wheelbarrow herb garden, boxing, yoga, sewing and working at her local public library.